Agricultural commodity trading & processing

Our commodity trading portfolio includes:

Sunflower oil
Sunflower seeds
Sunflower meal

Kehlibar have the potential to deliver agricultural commodities from where they are grown to where they are needed.

We work with the most important multinational import and export operators from around the world.

We have strong relationships with our local growers of agricultural farmers allowing us the opportunity to get great prices and some of the best produce in Bulgaria.

Agro consulting, financial & risk management

Our ultimate goal with Kehlibar's agro consulting, financial & risk management services is to go global and turn Bulgaria into a modern agricultural European country and pave the way to other Bulgarian companies in the agro- industry to the world trade market.


Pre-financing farmer plans & services

Pre-financing plans, transportation from field to silo, fast intake, and prompt payment bring added value to our farmers.

We support our farmers with high-quality seeds, fertilizers, futures contract, pre-financing schemes and agronomy advisory services.

Following Kehlibar’s development and expansion plan in 2016-2017 we are planning to build 6 new silos handling 30 000 m.t. of grain, expand our geographical scope, create new partnerships and unite the next generation of Bulgarian farmers.

Management, Mergers & Acquisitions

Kehlibar offers customized solutions for strategic consulting, mergers and acquisitions.
In the first half of 2014 Kehlibar made 2 acquisitions that are of great importance for the launching and implementation of our development & expansion project.

  • Kehlibar purchases 1.5 acres of industrial land, ideally located next to the factory, where 6 new silo storage will be built in 2016-2017.
  • Kehlibar acquires 100 % of its partnership company Extract Oil Ltd, thus to completely close the circle of production and receive the full ownership of Kehlibar Extraction Plant.