The Kehlibar investment proposition


We invite investors to partner with us and our proven track record of success.

We strive to build a premier agricultural company of lasting value and to generate superior investment returns.

We believe that the following growth drivers will enable Kehlibar to achieve its growth and profitability ambitions:

  • Huge demand for basic food commodities for use in other industries than the food sector - bio energy, cosmetics and others
  • Growing world population and global food demand, the constant rise of food prices for the upcoming years
  • Continuing Ukrainian crisis, causing an increasing number foreign and domestic investors to pull out their investments in agriculture and redirecting it to more secure places in more economically and politically stable countries
  • The possibility Ukraine & Russia to release solid positions as a crop and oilseed export leaders on the west market and to decrease trading with western partners due to the political instability in the Black Sea region
  • The aim of the Bulgarian Government to invest more than 2 BIL Euro in Bulgarian agriculture through European funds between 2014 and 2020 and the need of pragmatic, tested leaders with proactive and innovative thinking with deep industry expertise in agriculture to wisely utilize those funds
  • Growing percentage of agricultural companies in Bulgaria with high level of bank indebtedness and the opportunity for growth through mergers and acquisitions in the sector
  • The need of a great leader in the agricultural sector to represent Bulgaria on a world class level as a promising agrarian country on the world market