Lyaskovets - A town chosen to be a winner


The most interesting agricultural company’s history in Bulgaria starts in a small industrial town called Lyaskovets - north / central Bulgaria, when a young and ambitious man and his father decided to buy onetime agro-industrial center and recreated into a modern agricultural business.


The oil mill was built and since then has been continually reconstructed and modernized

1999 - 2006

Оvercoming obstacles were the key to success for the family. Surviving the difficult time of uncertainty, fast political changes and the economic collapse of Bulgaria in 1997, warehouse, storage facilities, bottling workshop, extraction workshop and steam plant was completed to 2006.


Recognizing the crucial role of storage and logistics of agricultural commodities, Kehlibar made its first big growth oriented move to build a storage silo plant with a capacity of 7500 m.t., handling mainly sunflower for production of sunflower crude oil, sunflower meal & husk pallets.


Kehlibar build 3 more silos and marks the beginning of an era of major expansion and made a promisе to advance and bring out Bulgarian agriculture on a global level. In this year Kehlibar received a municipal prize for contribution to the economy of Lyaskovets.


Kehlibar continue their plan to Reinvent Bulgarian Agriculture, accelerate sustainable revenue and profit growth as growing both organically and through acquisitions and build a premier agricultural company of lasting value and to generate superior investment returns.