About Us


Kehlibar is a privately held Bulgarian agricultural company. We produce sunflower crude oil and we do agricultural commodity trading and processing since 1997.

We strive to build a premier agricultural company of lasting value and to generate superior investment returns

Our operations include:

  • Purchase grains and oilseeds from farmers
  • Store, transport and sell commodities to end customers in Bulgaria and Internationally
  • Process sunflower seeds into crude oil and meals
  • Providing logistics services to end customers
  • Agro consulting, financial & risk management, pre-financing farmer assistance
  • Mergers and acquisitions services
m.t. / year
Processing sunflower
Oilseed storage
m.t. / day
Extraction workshop

Our Oil mill production facilities has been continuously reconstructed and modernized since 1998. Kehlibar maintains bottling factory with an automatic bottling line for pet bottles and storage facilities.

We managed a food safety (HACCP) system under the requirements of EN ISO 22000:2005, provides strict incoming and outgoing control on raw materials guaranteeing a quality manufactured goods.


Following closely Kehlibar's Development and Expansion project, in 2016-2017 we are planning to build a new silo storage plant with capacity of 30 000 metric tonnes, handling grain, seeds and other commodities.